Gemomic® Technology

GemVCare® utilizes University-patented technology to assess your own genes.

Together with other risk factors and your current health condition, calculate your risk index of developing diabetes or its complications (cardiovascular disease and kidney disease).


This panel of tests estimates a probability for having diabetes based on personal, genetic and modifiable risk factors.

DForesee™ is suitable for anyone without diabetes, especially for the below high-risk persons:
Have Family History of Diabetes
Have Hypertension or High Blood Lipids
Have Heart Disease or Had Stroke Before
Middle-Aged Persons
Have Gestational Diabetes Mellitus or Have Given Birth to Infants weighed 4kg or above
Lack of Exercise

We also provide a comprehensive health assessment – DForesee Enlighten™, which not only includes your genetic test result, but also provide a personalized recommendation and follow-up by healthcare professionals.
Please refer to for details.


This panel of tests calculates a 5-year probability that predicts the future risk of developing cardiovascular-renal complications.

DProtect™ is suitable for the following diabetes patients:
Have not had any complications yet
Have early stage of cardiovascular or kidney complications
Have complications other than cardiovascular or kidney diseases


Apart from genetic tests related to diabetes, we also provide other diabetic biochemical tests to check for beta cell sufficiency and screen for monogenic diabetes. You may refer to our professional information page for details of each test.


Our test is simple and safe. Only trace amount of your buccal cells (Buccal swab or spit kit) or blood (1-2mL) is needed.
Sample will be sent directly to our testing centre for genetic testing.
Report will be explained by your health care provider after several working days. You may also use your mobile app MyGem™ to review and update your report.
Genetic test result is lifelong. Genes that are tested will not need to be tested again in the future.

You can order DForesee Enlighten™ from MyGemCode.
DForesee™ and DProtect™ are only available on requests from our service providers.

MyGem™ App

MyGem™ App is a mobile platform designed to assist users to manage their health with support from their healthcare professionals.

This app empowers the users to take ownership of their well-being, and proactively monitor their key health indexes. Healthcare professionals can also keep track of these indexes to help both parties to make informed and shared decision.