1 in 10 HK people have diabetes, affecting all ages
1 in 4 HK people can expect to develop diabetes in his/her lifetime
20% have diabetes before age of 40 years
15% of patients attending clinics of public hospitals have diabetes
30% of patients with heart disease or stroke have diabetes
40% of patients on dialysis have diabetes
4% patients with diabetes develop critical illness per year and 1 in 5 patients with diabetes died with cancer


Our genetic codes are our ‘script of life’ and resemble a huge dictionary containing billions of codes, similar to the design of a car which consists of many different parts that collectively function to make the car move.

These codes come from mother and father and reshuffle during mating to form the script of their offspring which determine their appearances, bodily function, disease traits etc.

Actually, high-risk signals already exist in your body. Among them, your genes have already predetermined your risk of getting the disease since you were born.

Diabetes and its complications are preventable and treatable. The earlier you understand your risk, the earlier you can take action to prevent diabetes and its complications.



Typical symptoms of diabetes include thirst, tiredness, frequent urination, easy skin infection, unexplained weight loss especially in overweight/obese subjects. However, diabetes are often asymptomatic or symptoms mixed up with other diseases.
Due to the silent nature of diabetes and low awareness of risk factors, many people who have or are at risk of having diabetes are not diagnosed, treated or controlled.
As a result, many people are diagnosed with diabetes only when they present with life-threatening complications such as heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, foot ulcer, due to delayed diagnosis or suboptimal treatment.
Blood glucose will only alarm you when your body has already encountered problems. Therefore, blood glucose test alone is not an effective way to predict diabetes.