GemVCare® (Gem stands for Genetic Evaluation & Management®) is the first Hong Kong based genetic testing company specialized in diabetes.

The company was founded in 2014 by local academics, medical doctors specialized in diabetes and scientists, supported by the Technology Start-up Support Scheme for Universities (TSSSU) through the Hong Kong Government Innovation and Technology Committee and is also a member company of the Incu-Bio Programme of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park.

We are located in the Hong Kong Science Park supported by a world-class infrastructure with a network of partners to serve the needs of our clients.

Mission & Vision

Our Gemomic® Technology (which combines biomedical and information technology) is based on decades of university research and validated by over ten thousands clinical cases in our local population which can be used to predict and prevent diabetes and offer personalized care to those with or at risk of diabetes.

GemVCare® partners with a network of health care professionals who use the personal information result to empower the subjects to manage and reduce their health risks through lifestyle changes, early use of drugs and by proactively seeking personalized treatment.

Concept of Logo

GemVCareThe octagon shape is an abstract impression of the DNA geometry characterized by the major and minor grooves between the double strands of the DNA. The triangular polygons within the octagon resemble the genetic diversity within a regular framework.

Our logo symbolises the ‘Flower of Life’, characterised by the geometry and proportions long admired by artists, architects and philosophers. The gemstone image highlights the value of genetic information whilst the connectivity of the polygons represent GemVCare’s alliance with networks that share a vision to promote health and prevent diabetes.